Web Site Design

Searching through a web site can be a similar experience as looking for something in a town because you must be adept in navigating your way through the links and different pages of a web site like you are in making your way through a town to find a meeting place or coffee shop. An individual in both situations must know where they currently are so that they can visualize where they need to be. They also must have perspective, and know the tools that they can rely upon to guide them from point a to point b. Then once they arrive at their destination they must be able to identify that they have arrived, or found the information they set out to find. Finding your way around a website is different because you are looking for information and there are many different sites, or ways to acquire the information. Also, no sense of movement is given and you can easily go back to previous pages.

A web site should have a clear path and a breadcrumb trail that will allow the viewer to return to previously viewed information. A simple layout is and a website should not have too many different choices because it can cause stress for those navigating the page. A cite search should be included on every page so that those looking at the cite can easily find what they are looking for without using google to search out a new source.

The Gestalt theory states that the whole is more important than the individual parts of something. The idea that the different elements of a web page combing to have an overall positive or negative affect on a viewer gives the web site designer many important tasks. The page must have visual appeal because people may not trust the information on a poorly designed visually unappealing web site.

Creating a consistency and allowing the viewer to find a pattern in the web site is important, along with similar page forms that all follow a format specific to the web site. Each file or page included should function and look similar to the next.

Scrolling the page can be an awkward shift from flipping the page of a book. Reading articles or looking for information online can be exhausting because too many options exist, and an individual must filter many sources for one piece of important information.

Journalists often place the most important information near the top of the text so that readers don’t have to search through the entire article to find what they are looking for.

Lynch and Horton use titles so that an individual skimming their work can hone in on the specific information they need. They also use the chunking method to hold the reader’s attention with images. The chunking method is preferred because readers get mentally exhausted from reading the long portions of small font in article. Important definitions and helpful articles are hyperlinked to give the reader an easier method for understanding what they are discussing in the article.

Twitter Post

Name of News Story: Obama Faces Task of Reassuring World Leaders on Trump

News Event: President Obama is beginning his final world tour and faces world leaders whom are currently worried about maintaining a consistent relationship with the United States.

Tweeting on Behalf of: President Obama (His Administration)

Objectives for Audience: Understand the current actions of President Obama, and how transferring the nations power can affect previously made deals.

1st Design: President Obama tries to sooth world leaders whom worry about Trump following through with his campaign promises.

Good: Including “President Obama” makes it easy to see that this is a post involving politics.

Bad: The post is mainly focusing on the world leader’s reaction to the transfer of political power. The worry of the word leaders is the subject of the tweet and should be moved into the readers most direct area of attention.

2nd Design: World leaders are soothed by President Obama after the election of Donald Trump, who has made the country controversial campaign promises.

Good: The conflicting emotions world leaders are experiencing is now the subject of the tweet.

Bad: The tweet includes too many words and does not directly reference any one country making the tweet too unspecific.

3rd Design: Germany, Greece, and Peru are comforted by President Obama after Trump is elected as president.

Good: Including the countries visited by Obama makes a clear statement as to who the tweet is referring to.

Bad: More attention should be drawn to the beginning of the tweet. Everyone knows that being elected means and the “president” part probably can be assumed.

4th Design: GERMANY, GREECE, and PERU are comforted by President Obama after Trump is elected.

Good: The message can easily be received, and understood. The countries President Obama has visited are clear and attention drawing.

Bad: The tweet is lacking some important information and is still slightly vague.


Social Media Postings:

Mr. Nielsen hoped to make a tweet that allowed the reader to see access all the necessary information of the post as quickly and smoothly as possible. He found that individuals only look at a post for a short period and generally will not read the entire tweet if their interest is not caught within the first few words or syllables. The tweet is redesigned with the purpose of getting more individuals to read the tweet and think about the information that he is sharing. Nielsen includes the months that the events are coming up but does not include the specific dates that they will be taking place on. Mr. Nielsen decides to take out the word announcing because it is unnecessary and could contribute to the followers scrolling past the tweet. When the tweet seems to be about a promotion many people don’t want to take time to read on. The revision that has the greatest impact on the tweet is adding the colon instead of using the words “are the”. Making this sentence into a fragment is beneficial when people are just looking for the information they need. Just making the tweet in a shortened format makes the reader think that they are not wasting their time. When I read something with a general date I don’t pay as much attention because I know that I must gather another piece of information later. The first tweet seems to be deemed unnecessary if I cannot access all the information at once.

According to Mr. Nielsen, companies that want to reach the public through social media should stick to a simplistic and pointed approach. They should be aware of the length of their post as well as the order in which they make post. Individuals are much less likely to took back through their stream to find what they desire from a business, and will often only look at the most recent post by the company. Businesses should avoid posting overmuch or too frequently because if they crowd out the friends of an individual they may risk being unfollowed.

He tries to make the post as short and concise as possible so that individuals who are interested in the event can easily access the information that they need to attend the meetings. He tries to make his post catch the individuals attention, and puts a lot of thought into the post so that it is worth the time of the group members.

“Some People”

Throughout the graphic story words are scattered across a few different key pictures. The words are mainly used to draw attention to the images and make relations between characters in the story known. The words used seemed to be intentionally selected to aid the images to tell the story and not the other way around. Dialogue between characters and sharing characters’ thoughts are the only time that words seem to be utilized to express feelings or give ideas.

The images do most of the story telling by creating a repetition of small stories and interconnecting them to make the reader understand the overlying lesson. The story starts out with a man walking down the street and having a misunderstanding with another individual. The man in the red shirt after the interaction is depicted as feeling awkward and looks at the ground in embarrassment. The other man in the hoodie looks smug and is shown laughing about the situation with his friends. The body language of the characters in the images seem to tell a lot about what is going on. Then a method is used to show the man in the hoodie aging and becoming a jolly looking older man. The aging process is shown using multiple pictures so the interpreter the images understands that the man in the hoodie and the old man are on and the same. They then bring the story back around full circle by showing the same scene in the end that was used in the beginning to emphasize the repetition of the situation. They also show the man getting wearier by showing many scenes of him getting more unkempt and getting wrinkles. The progression of images clearly implies his progression into depression and an unhappier state of mind. Clear relationships are shown between families because the mothers are made to look exactly like the children. Adults are also shrunk down into their child form to show the experiences they had when they were a child.

Remediation Readings

The Commission report and the graphic adaptation both make a point to show the way the hijackers firs were allowed on the planes. The graphic adaptation seems to place more blame on regulations in the security system utilized at airports. They make it a point to show how easily it was for the two groups of men who passed through the security system to make it onto the plane without incident. They also show how the third group of men did set of the alarms twice at the security checkpoint. The graphic adaptation, and commission report both point out that the screening was inadequate and according to safety protocol should have been further addressed. When the commission report speaks on the message received from American Flight 11 by the Boston Center for air traffic control it seems to place no blame on them for not taking immediate action. The report even makes it seem like the Boston Center was aware of the situation and doing all it could do to help. The graphic adaptation shines a much different light on the situation. They seemingly blame the traffic controls system for receiving messages for the individual who received the message to not take the contact seriously. The report also seems to defend the airlines and public safety personnel who did not report to the other planes what was happening, while the graphic novel seemed to accuse them of not acting quickly enough.

A graphic novel seems to bring the incident to life. Within the graphic novel the quotes of the individuals don’t seem to be as reliable. They seem to be imagined by the artist. On the other hand, the quotes made in the report seem to have an origin in the real-life incident. In a similar fashion the graphic novel seems to be more interesting but less informative than the report.

I believe that they are trying to share the horrors of the day with others to make them understand the devastation faced by American citizens on 9/11.  They do this to honor the individuals who have passed and to form a common enemy of all citizens in the United States. They may also do this to promote an increase in airport security to prevent this from happening in the future.

Academic Writing:

Those who are on the outside looking in at universities and academia tend to assume that writing a bogged down essay is a choice. They believe that as a rule, writers “dress up” essays to follow a format previously set in place by the category or genre of information they wish to share. Readers often think that writers utilize their big vocabularies to persuade their audience without showing any factual support for their argument. Within universities it is commonly understood that bad writing is unavoidable because a theory must be precisely introduced. The complex ideas of the author must be communicated through words that individuals can read and understand the exact intent of the author. Both the goal to inform an audience and the form that has been predetermined by a genre effect the quality of a writing according to Pinker. The other part to bad writing is about the author and their peers. They don’t want to be ridiculed by the other individuals in their field for being uneducated.

A “self-conscious style” can be evaluated by looking at metadisclosure (words that further describe other words), apologizing, quoting to disconnect from image, hedging, metaconcepts, and nominalizations.

When I write I normally include metadisclosure if I need to meet a word requirement. It is an easy way out when you cannot think of any more ideas. I also have used quoting before to disconnect words from me as the author. Apologizing could at times create ethos, because it makes an individual seem human.

I value a well used vocabulary above everything else. When writers utilize vivid and specific words to describe what they are talking about it makes the reader understand their ideas. A good selection of words can enable the reader to form their own interpretation of the writing. It actually has no effect on the content of a writing, but it makes reports seem more trustworthy.

Reports as Genres:

Both authors use a professional language that creates a trust between the reader and the author. Forman creates an ethos of reliability by providing images of graphs, and other sourced pictures. He also provides in text citations when appropriate and includes all of his citations at the end of the report for easy reference.

Reports are often times filled with facts and figures that support the thesis of the writing. The thesis is normally found in the beginning of the report so the reader can get a clear understanding of the argument before the author tries to persuade them. Mitchel Pollan’s basis for writing the report is found within the first line of the third paragraph but his argument is not understood until the end of the writing. A quickly stated thesis is more common for reports and leading up to this a reader could be described as waiting in anticipation for the purpose of the writing. Readers pay more attention to the words of the author at the beginning because they are looking to find the idea the author is trying to introduce. This small time of heightened attention is used to hook the reader. Pollan uses an interesting comparison to catch the reader’s attention and encourage the reader. Sam Forman goes for a more traditional set up for his report on food production in the United States. He has his ideas and thesis clearly outlined in the beginning paragraph, and continues with a “nod” to the other side of the argument allowing his ideas to build upon each other and ending with his concluding goal. Forman’s report followed the clear format provided my many reports before his and it allowed him to create a solid argument.

They want you to form an opinion of your own and find more information on the subject. The end goal is to get the reader more involved in the food they eat and how it is produced. The author writes to better inform the reader, but also to encourage the reader to find more information on the subject. In the Mapping the Problem Essay we should also include the other side of the argument and work to better inform the reader, not just share our opinion.